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Doing business in Brazil

The constantly developing life science market in Brazil was discussed at the Swedish-American Life Science Summit.

Day three of the Swedish-American Life Science Summit, SALSS, continued with presentations, seminars and discussions. One of the day’s topics was the opportunities in the Brazilian Market. Steven Burrill, CEO of Burrill & Company, acted as moderator of a hot chair interview.

Brazil is a leader in agribusiness and in production of biofuel (“Brazil is the single largest ethanol market in the world”, as Burrill noted), thus having great possibilities within biotechnology and bio-based chemicals. Also, the generic market is huge in the country. But there are other markets that are quickly developing. According to Mr. Antonio Ponce, VP at Elekta Latin America, highlighted that the medtech is a business to reckon with, especially within the radiotherapy market. Jaime Oliveira, Director at ANVISA, the Brazilian Health Surveillance Agency, agreed that oncology are areas that will be in great need as well as chronic diseases and local, tropical diseases.


Also, areas such as data analytics, digital health and personalized medicine appear to be promising.
“There are extraordinary possibilities for Scandinavian life science companies to do business in Brazil. But don’t forget that it’s a complex market and it is not always easy nor the same as any other market,” said Steven Burrill.


In our upcoming issue of Nordic Life Science Review you can read more about what to consider before entering the Brazilian life science market.