Drifton LP-FG15-13 Pump Head

Published on August 5th, 2015 | by Drifton


Unique Flip-Type pump heads for peristaltic pumps

New Flip-Type pump heads from Drifton A/S  with a  distinctive design and a unique installation mode

The Flip-Type pump heads LP-FG15-13 and LP-FG25-13 are to be mounted on a mounting plate, that is fixed to the tube pump. Once the mounting plate is attached to the tube pump, the pump head is easily taken on and off by pressing the flap and turning it a bit – no tools required.

You install the tube by opening the flip, inserting the tube and closing the flip again – very convenient.

The LP-FG15-13 and LP-FG25-13 pump heads can be used for the same tube pumps that use the LP-YZ1515x and LP-YZ2515x, as they have similar performance.

The pump heads have automatic tube retention and are suitable for various tube sizes.

The rollers are made of PA6 (nylon) and the cabinet is made of IXEF.

Read more or purchase the LP-FG15-13 and LP-FG25-13 pump heads in our web shop at www.drifton.eu or contact us by telephone +45 3679 0000.

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