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Syringe Pump for Laboratory use

Multi-channel syringe pump with infusion/withdrawal mode. Flow rate: 2.779 µl-72.24 ml/min

The LP-LSP02-1B pump is a multi-channel syringe pump with both infusion- and withdrawal mode.
The acceptable syringe specification ranges from 10 µl to 140 ml.
The pump is suitable for liquid transferring with high accuracy and small flow rate.

Functions and features of the LP-LSP02-1B Syringe Pump
Syringe selection: The syringe can be selected in the manufacturer table on the pump which includes manufacturer, material and size. You can also enter the inner diameter of the syringe barrel directly on the pump.

Easy to operate: Combining a large LCD with a rotary encoded switch and membrane keypad makes the operation simple and prompt.
Work mode: Infusion, withdrawal, infusion/withdrawal, withdrawal/infusion, continuous.

Memory function:
1. The parameters are saved in EEPROM. The parameters do not need to be reset when power returns after an interruption.
2. In flow rates mode, the pump continues running or stops according to the parameters setting, when power is restored after an interruption
Protection function: The pump will stall and an alarm will sound when the drive structure of the pump is blocked.

Communication function: Computer control is available through the RS485 communication interface.
External control function: Input/output control
Calibration function: Acquire accurate volume through calibration
Syringe protection: Adjust the syringe rest to prevent the syringe from damage.

Specifications of the LP-LSP02-1B Syringe pump
•  Max. no. of syringes:  2
•  Infusion volume per micro-step: 0.0867 µl (60 ml syringe)
•  Syringe size:  10µl – 140ml
•  Flow rates (60 ml syringe): 2.779 µl/min – 72.24 ml/min
•  Advance per micro-step:  1/16 step: 0.156 µl
•  Max. linear rate: 130 mm/min
•  Min. linear rate: 5 µm/min
•  Max. step rate: 13867 (1/16 step)/sec
•  Min. step rate: 16 (1/16 step)/30 sec
•  Work mode:  Infusion/withdraw
•  Linear force:  > 18 kg
•  Accuracy:  ≤ ± 0.5% error in the condition of > 30% of max. infusion distance
•  Operating mode: Rotary encoded switch and membrane keypad
•  Display:  128 x 64 graphic LCD
•  Power:  AC 100V – 240 V
•  Operating condition:  Temperature 5-40°C, relative humidity < 80 %
•  Dimensions:  280×210×140 (mm) 280×250×140 (mm)
•  Weight:  4.3 kg

You can read further specifications of the LP-LSP02-1B Syringe Pump or buy the pump directly on the webshop on www.drifton.eu.

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