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Peristaltic OEM Pump with variable speed

Peristaltic OEM Pump

Peristaltic OEM pump with variable speed and a max. flow rate of 60 ml/min and speed of ≤ 60 rpm.

The peristaltic OEM pumps from Longerpump can be used for OEM applications in  e.g. medical equipment and biotechnology, food, pharmaceutical and chemical industry.

The LP-T60/WX10 peristaltic OEM pumps have variable speed of ≤ 60 rpm and and max. flow rate of 60 ml/min.

You can choose between multible control modes:

  • 4-20mA corresponding to 0,1-60 rpm.
  • 0-5V corresponding to 0-60 rpm.
  • 0-10V corresponding to 0-60 rpm.
  • 0-10kHz corresponding to 0-60 rpm.

The OEM pumps from Longerpump are ideal for soleplate or panel installation in equipment and instruments.

You can see our full range of peristaltic OEM pumps on


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