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Programmable Syringe Pump

Programmable Syringe Pump

On the new LP-TJP-3A/W0109-1B programmable syringe pump from LONGER, you can customize complex infusion/withdrawal processes, such as stepped infusion, a combination of constant speed and ramped speed infusion, triggered dispensing or periodic dispensing.

On the programmable LP-TJP-3A/W0109-1B syringe pump the controller and drive unit are separate making it is easy to combine and install. The drive unit can hold millilitre unit standard syringes.

The accurate distance control and broad linear speed range (7.94 µm/min – 79.4 mm/min) on the programmable LP-TJP-3A/W0109-1B syringe pump can meet versatile requirements and and is suitable for various research fields.

You can read the full description of the programmable LP-TJP-3A/W0109-1B syringe on the webshop

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