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Accumax Pipette Filter Tips

The pipette tips from Accumax have an inovative design for adaptability with most international brands of pipettes with minimum force requirement for loading & ejection.

Specifications for Accumax Pipette Filter Tips

  • The PE filters stops aerosols & contamination from entering into pipette and thus lessens the risk of cross-contamination.
  • Permeability is controlled by the combination of pore size and filter length.
  • Specially developed PE filters for pipetting application that are free from chemical additives.
  • Free from DNase, RNase, Human DNA, Pyrogen, PCR inhibitor, lubricants and heavy metals. Ideal match for high sensitive PCR work and research.
  • Profile and dimensions of the tips have been precisely engineered to ensure that the dispensed liquid is predictable and precise for each and every produced tip.
  • There are graduation marks on all the tips that act as visual checks to minimize any risk of errors during sample aspiration.
  • Unique label coding in packaging for easy identification.

Order your rack pack with sterile pipette filter tips directly on the online shop from Drifton. 

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