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High Precision Peristaltic Pump with Innovative Multi-channel Pump Head

The new version of the LabV1 peristaltic pump has an innovative multi-channel AMC pump head which enables higher precision across multiple channels.

Often there can be and inaccuracy between the channels on a multi-channel pump head, as the channels cannot be individually calibrated. The inaccuracy is among other things caused by the compression on the tubing.

The new AMC multi-channel pump head has a stepless design that makes it easy to micro-adjust the compression on the tubing to improve the flow accuracy between the channels.

Combined with the LabV1 Peristaltic flow rate pump you will have an easy-to-use peristaltic pump with precise liquid transfer through multiple channels.

The LabV1 peristaltic pump has touch-screen control, and several programming options. It can be used at a fixed flow rate (ml/min), at a fixed speed (rpm), for dispensing tasks and has timing functions.

The speed range is 0.1-150 rpm and flow rate range is 0.0002 – 65.17 ml/min/channel with the AMC pump head, depending on the size of tubing you use.

The touch screen provides easy operation and dynamic display of the current state. You get the complete overview of your dispensing task, e.g., dispensing data, setting parameters and system configuration on the same screen.

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