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Innovative PCR Film Sealer for PCR plates & PCR 8-strips

PCR-Film Sealer FS-A20
PCR-Film Sealer FS-A20
FS-A20 with PCR plates

The Smart PCR Film Sealer FS-A20 makes your laboratory work easier, as it ensures that pressure sensitive and adhesive PCR-film comes securely and firmly onto the PCR plates in less than 20 seconds.
It is easy to operate and provides a tight and leak-proof roll seal without the use of heat.

PCR Film Sealer FS-A20 Properties

  • Fast and efficient sealing of approx. 20 seconds.
  • Large digital display with touch-screen operation
  • 4 different settings can be selected
  • Setting parameters for number of roll presses and pressure strength can be changed
  • Adapters can be replaced easily

Suitable for use with the Following types of PCR Plates and Tube Strips

You can use PCR well plates with 96 wells or PCR 8 tube strips

Please order the PCR Film Sealer FS-A20 online on

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