About Drifton

Drifton A/S offers a wide range of professional equipment at competitive prices. We have specific focus on pumps and dispensing devices for use in laboratory, R&D and manufacturing units in Danish and European industry.

Our range of laboratory pumps and accessories includes peristaltic tube pumps, gear pumps, syringe pumps, pump heads and tubing.

For larger dispensing applications, we offer two-component dispensing systems and extrusion ram pumps.

Furthermore, we offer a broad range of pneumatic dispensers, which can, for example, be used in laboratories and for industrial purposes to apply chemicals and assemble medical devices and other instruments using e.g. adhesives.

We also offer a range of ancillary products for pneumatic dispensers. We have a comprehensive range of syringe barrels, dispensing tips, adapters, pistons, end caps, tips caps etc.

We also stock LED UV spot curing systems which cure UV adhesives in seconds.

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