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Elekta establishes office in Egypt

Elekta will establish a permanent office in Cairo, Egypt, to address the shortage of radiotherapy delivery systems and software solutions that play an integral part in treating cancer and brain disorders.

To strengthen its market leadership and continue providing service to the installed base of more than 40 Elekta radiotherapy solutions, Elekta has signed an agreement to acquire the oncology division of its previous distributor, Horizon for Medical Appliances. Closing of the acquisition is intended to take place within four months, it stated in February. The acquisition will result in the recruitment of additional customer service and support personnel as well as administrative roles.

Cairo will be Elekta’s hub for the region’s population of almost 200 million people

As the largest city in North Africa, Cairo will be Elekta’s hub for the region’s population of almost 200 million people. The new office will be a base from which the company has direct contact with customers and can offer excellence in education, services and precision radiation medicine to Egypt and its neighbors.

“Approximately 90,000 people are expected to succumb to cancer in Egypt this year, however we can also see positive development in the number of people who survive the disease. With our long history and broad customer base in Egypt, we are proud to have played a role in prolonging and saving many lives. We will meet the increasing number of people diagnosed with cancer and brain disorders with even more precise and personalized radiation therapy,” says Habib Nehme, Elekta’s Executive Vice President, Middle East, Africa and India.

Photo: iStock