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Elekta makes strategic acquisition

Richard Hausmann

Elekta has acquired ProKnow Systems in order to expand its offering of cloud-based solutions for advanced radiation therapy.

With ProKnow’s products, such as ProKnow DS, Elekta’s customers will have access to high-quality, cloud-based, treatment planning analytics to standardize their practices, it states in its press release. ProKnow DS allows collective data from patient groups to be analyzed and offer big data support to oncology teams. The solution can also streamline workflow challenges and improve contouring accuracy and treatment plan quality. The technology is vendor agnostic and is used today by healthcare networks with a variety of treatment planning systems.

“This strategic acquisition supports our Elekta Digital initiative and will contribute to accelerating our big data and artificial intelligence efforts as we help healthcare providers to improve decision support, identify best practices and ensure a high quality of care. The solutions that ProKnow brings are especially well-suited to many of our large customers and their need for data management, analytics and workflow automation across their oncology networks. We’re also looking forward to accessing the expertise and competencies within the ProKnow team to continue enhancing analytics under the Elekta umbrella,” says Richard Hausmann, Elekta CEO.

Photo of Richard Hausmann: Elekta