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Elekta’s new radiosurgery system receives CE mark

Elekta has received CE mark for its Elekta Esprit, a new Leksell Gamma Knife radiosurgery platform.

This regulatory clearance is the first step in enabling people with brain disease in Europe and other countries where the CE mark is recognized – and successively the rest of the world – to receive treatment with this state-of-the art system, states the company.

“These developments are important as the incidence of brain tumors continues to increase in all ages. The availability of Esprit to hospitals and clinics throughout Europe should give hope to anyone with serious brain disease who requires Gamma Knife radiosurgery,” says Verena Schiller, President of Elekta’s Neuroscience Solutions.

Elekta Esprit

Leksell Gamma Knife has been designed as a gentler alternative to open surgery and conventional radiotherapy. Esprit takes this to the next level with submillimeter (0.3 mm) precision and treatment planning that can be completed in less than 60 seconds. It can target the smallest and most challenging intracranial tumors and lesions with minimal effect on healthy tissue. This vital precision safeguards motor, sensory and neurocognitive function to help protect the mind and the person.

Photo: Elekta