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Elicera Therapeutics presents preclinical proof-of-concept data

Jamal El-Mosleh

Elicera Therapeutics has presented preclinical proof-of-concept data for its iTANK-platform at the European Society of Gene & Cell Therapy Virtual Congress 2021.

Elicera’s technology platform – iTANK (immunoTherapies Activated with NAP for efficient Killing) – has been developed to optimize the effect of CAR T-cell therapies by generating a dual mechanism-of-action. In addition to the effect of the CAR T-cells, CD8 + killer T-cells are activated, which gives a double attack on the tumor cells and creates a systemic and long-term immune response against cancer.

With the iTANK-technology, Elicera hopes to meet these challenges

CAR T-cell therapies have a proven ability to cure previously difficult-to-treat patients with various forms of blood cancer. However, two main challenges remain in the treatment of solid tumors that, due to a highly hostile tumor microenvironment, exhaust and inhibit the effect of CAR T-cells. In addition, it is difficult to identify a target antigen on solid tumors that is expressed on all tumor cells. This means that some tumor cells can escape being attacked by CAR T-cells and that resistant tumors form. With the iTANK-technology, Elicera hopes to meet these challenges.

“The data presented provides preclinical proof-of-concept for the iTANK-platform and its ability to enhance the efficacy of CAR T-cells and addresses the problem of antigen heterogeneity. This is very exciting as our technology platform can be used to amplify the effect of all CAR T-cell therapies under development, not just our own,” says Jamal El-Mosleh, CEO of Elicera Therapeutics.

Photo of Jamal El-Mosleh: Elicera