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Empowering discovery. Advancing therapy.

Miltenyi Biotec plays an important role in the design, development, manufacture, and integration of products that empower the advancement of biomedical research and enable cell and gene therapy.

Scandinavia, with its numerous biotech companies and eminent institutes, is a hotspot for cutting-edge biomedical research. “The innovative Nordic region has brought forth highly interesting applications in the field of cell- and immunotherapy. These are exciting times and the exchange and discussion of novel concepts and technologies will help continue the transfer of research from bench to bedside,” Miltenyi Biotec Norden Country Manager Thomas Kjaer Mogensen states.

Offering solutions for every step of cell research

Founded in Germany in 1989, Miltenyi Biotec focusses on supporting the translational step from basic research to innovative cell and gene therapies. Over the years Miltenyi Biotec has grown from a small company with one product to a global company with over 14,000 products. Local support is crucial in order to provide expertise and technical assistance and a Nordic office therefore opened in Lund, Sweden, in 2012.

Miltenyi Biotec is based around the company’s magnetic cell separation method, MACS® Technology, which was patented in 1990. This technique laid the foundation for the company’s success. Cell separation using MACS Technology allows researchers to isolate any cell type and to create pools of viable cells with high purity and yield.With MACS Technology as its foundation, the company has grown to provide comprehensive solutions for sample preparation, cell separation, flow cytometry, cell sorting, cell culture and stimulation, cell therapy, cell manufacturing, and therapeutic apheresis. This increased complexity of the portfolio requires local expertise to offer adequate support in the transition towards new groundbreaking research and its application.

Dedicated to providing excellent support

“We are researchers working for researchers. With so many innovative products it is very important that we have a dedicated team who are familiar with the science behind the products and discuss benefits and challenges with other scientists,” says Thomas Kjaer Mogensen. “This is why we build our team around people with extensive research experience themselves; they understand the problems one might face in the lab and they understand how to overcome them. Many of our employees have a Ph.D. background or extensive know-how from the biotech industry and GMP regulations.”

The Nordic local Miltenyi Biotec office is based in the heart of the Medicon Valley region in the south of Sweden, in Lund. Finance, marketing, customer service, the country manager, and the local technical consultant are located in this office. A team consisting of technical consultants, clinical specialist, application specialist, and service engineer supports customers in the Nordic countries.

Fostering networks within the scientific community

Recently Miltenyi Biotec Norden arranged a scientific day in Lund, covering topics of cell therapy and single-cell applications. The goal was to foster interaction between academic researchers and industry representatives from both Sweden and Denmark. With 150 researchers meeting up from different fields it was a lively event with a lot of interesting presentations and interaction.

“It was exactly what we had been hoping for. We wanted to bridge the gap between Denmark’s and Sweden’s Life Science community, and we also wanted to create an open atmosphere where scientists can learn and get new ideas from each other. We invited top cell therapy researchers and the presentations demonstrated cutting-edge developments within this field. We are definitely continuing this initiative, so keep your eyes open for new events in 2019,” says Martin Schalén, Marketing Product Specialist at Miltenyi Biotec Norden.


Supporting translational research for almost 30 years. Image Copyright: Miltenyi Biotec GmbH


Upper image: The illustration shows T cells attached to a tumor cell. Certain CD8+ T cells can specifically recognize tumor antigens on the cell surface and have the capacity to kill tumor cells directly. Copyright: Miltenyi Biotec GmbH


Meet your Miltenyi Biotec team:

The office is located in Lund, close to Kastrup airport:

Miltenyi Biotec Norden
Scheelevägen 17
22370 Lund

Phone: +46 46 280 72 80