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EPO has issued 4 new patents to Nuevolution


Swedish Nuevolution announces that the European Patent Office has issued four new patents to the company.

In the Q2 2015/2016 report, Nuevolution announced that it was expecting three patents to be granted. Four patents (EP 1905829, EP 2305808, EP 2186897 and EP 1539980) from three different patent families have now issued in Europe.

Nuevolution continues to seek an expansion and strengthening of its patent position with the means needed and as optimal for the Company. They consider patents to be an essential element for optimal business development, and for this reason we invest approximately SEK 7-8 million in patent activities, supporting their product pipeline and Chemetics drug discovery platform, each year.

Nuevolution has invented a technology that allows very large compound collections (libraries) to be synthesized and screened efficiently. Nuevolution uses its platform technology for discovery of new medicines for treatment of cancer and inflammatory diseases. Nuevolution’s technology allows each test compound (e.g. a small molecule for tablet based medicines) to be linked to an oligonucleotide (e.g. DNA), where the oligonucleotide serves as a barcode holding the information about the structure of the test compound. This type of barcode allows Nuevolution to work with compound mixtures holding hundreds of millions to billions of compounds, and to isolate and identify the biologically active compounds from such complex mixtures. It enables Nuevolution on a day-to-day basis to screen more than 1,000 times more drug-like molecules than is possible by the largest pharmaceutical companies with all of their techniques together.

Nuevolution has 11 patent families covering its technology, where patents have issued from eight of these. With the four new patents issuing, Nuevolution will hold more than 180 issued patents in various countries. Nuevolution’s previously granted patents covers different methods for synthesizing libraries and performing the barcode encoding of libraries, then followed a number of patents covering composition and structure of the barcode (oligonucleotide). The newly issued patents cover broad structural classes (e.g. small non-peptide molecules, scaffolded molecules, macrocyclic molecules etc.) of compounds bound to the encoding oligonucleotide (barcode).

“The new patents further strengthens Nuevolution’s dominant position in the technical field by offering a further and important way of protecting the platform and products that can be derived from it“, said Alex Gouliaev, CEO of Nuevolution AB (publ), and continued “our strong patent portfolio not only offers us freedom-to-operate our platform as we do today, but it also limits the opportunities for others in the technical field.”

Source: Nuevolution