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Findings from the QUALIFY study

Otsuka Pharmaceutical and Lundbeck has announced that a newly released subgroup analysis of data from the QUALIFY study showed significantly greater and clinically meaningful improvements in functioning and health-related quality of life with aripiprazole once-monthly compared with paliperidone palmitate in patients aged 18-35 years living with schizophrenia 1.

“These latest findings from the QUALIFY study are particularly encouraging for young adults with schizophrenia who are in the formative years of their lives, a time during which many complete school, establish a career, build personal relationships, and start a family,”1,4 said investigator Steven G. Potkin, of the Department of Psychiatry and Human Behaviour, University of California. “The study findings indicate that treatment with aripiprazole once-monthly in adult patients aged 35 years and younger may be particularly beneficial in improving these patients’ abilities to do better in social, home, and work or education-related environments.”

Source: Lundbeck