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First patient enrolled in Vaccibody’s clinical trial

Agnete Fredriksen

The company announces informed consent signed by the first patient and enrolment process initiated in the clinical phase I/II trial for its neoantigen vaccine.

The patient will be enrolled in Heidelberg, Germany at the National Center for Tumor Diseases by principal investigator, Prof. Dr. med. Jürgen Krauss, Head of Section for Clinical Immunotherapy.

“The neoantigen vaccine holds the potential to assist the patient’s immune system to generate specific T-cell responses to its individual cancer neoantigens and in this way may help the patient to more effectively fight the cancer. We hope this clinical trial will help pave the way for a novel class of new efficacious and safe treatment for cancer patients,” says Jürgen Krauss.

An important new phase

This first-in-man trial is planned to enroll up to 40 patients with locally advanced or metastatic non-small cell lung cancer, melanoma, renal, bladder or head and neck cancer. The VB10.NEO vaccine will be given in combination with standard of care checkpoint inhibitors as a new treatment modality to help patients with cancer.

“The first patient marks an important new phase in Vaccibody and we are very excited to start to tailor-make one vaccine per patient using our proprietary vaccination technology. The unique ability to induce strong CD8 T cell responses to multiple neoepitopes that we have observed in preclinical models, in addition to the manufacturing advantages essential for individualized vaccines, are basis for our enthusiasm moving this concept into clinical trials,” says Dr. Agnete Fredriksen, President and Chief Scientific Officer in Vaccibody.

Photo of Agnete Fredriksen, CEO of Vaccibody