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Follicum in new agreement


The company reports that a collaboration agreement with the Centre for Skin Sciences (CSS) at University of Bradford, UK, has been signed.

The aim is to combine in vitro experiments with the use of bioinformatics data mining and analysis to investigate the mode of action of Follicum’s different peptide classes using an in silico approach (big data analysis). The scope of the project will cover both skin/hair biology and diabetes.

A better understanding of the mode of action

CSS has access to human skin material and will assist Follicum in investigating  the biological activity of Follicum’s peptides in a collaborative way using various advanced experimental assays. The aim of the research is to achieve a better understanding of the mode of action of Follicum’s peptides utilising the experience of CSS. A better characterization of the mode of action in both  projects will help advance ongoing partner discussions.

“We are very pleased to have signed this agreement. The vast experience that CSS brings to  the project is of great importance to increase the understanding of the mechanism of action of our peptides both in the hair and diabetes . It is important to intensify this research as we are getting closer to starting more advanced clinical trials in the hair project.  The understanding will also help develop the diabetes project further. The studies will be initiated early 2019 and completed later the same year.,” says CEO Jan Alenfall.