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Published on December 13th, 2016 | by galiciabio



Oncostellae ( focuses on the discovery of new pharmaceutically active compounds and their development, from its initial phase up to proof of concept in patients (clinical phase IIa).

At this stage, we aim to license the results and patents obtained during the project to a consolidated pharmaceutical company for further development. Our first project is dedicated to the treatment of advanced prostate cancer which, at the moment, is not curable. We have discovered novel antagonists of the androgen receptor that are structurally distinct from current drug chemo types and, therefore, have the potential to offer and improved side-effect profile and overcome drug-induced resistance. AR antagonists are avalidated therapeutic option and have a multi-billion dollar market. Recently, a new project on irreversible JAK Kinase inhibitors has been started with potential indications in oncology and inflammation. A third project on selective TYK inhibitors will be initiated soon.


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