About GaliciaBIO

Galicia is one of the Autonomous Communities in Spain with the most biotechnological potential on both the business and research leves.

The constant transfer of knowledge to businesses comes mainly from the extensive research experience of its 3 universities (A Coruña, Santiago de Compostela and Vigo) with its 2 International Excellence Campuses (Campus Vida and Campus do Mar), as well as from the Public Health System (SERGAS) through the Agency for Health Knowledge (ACIS). Galician academic research is accredited by its position in various international rankings as one of the leaders in terms of scientific production and quality of research.

All this gives Galicia a valuable know-how that has been valorised and transferred to the market in recent years with the establishment of numerous spin-offs that today commercialize the generated research results throughout the world.

The application of biotechnology has managed to increase the percentage of innovation and therefore competitiveness in traditional sectors (agrifood, enviromental, maritime, etc.), generating a greater number of companies, more skilled Jobs and a higher business volumen.


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