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Genetic Analysis awarded 16 million NOK

Genetic Analysis has announced that the Norwegian Research Council has approved its grant application of NOK 16 million for its project developing new innovative microbiome-based diagnostics to be used to aid selection and treatment of IBD patients.

“We are pleased to receive this grant from the Norwegian Research Council in supporting our work to improve the treatment regime for IBD patients. This will not only improve treatment outcome and quality of life for patients suffering this debilitating disease but also contribute to lowering the huge costs related to treatment,” says Ronny Hermansen, CEO of Genetic Analysis.

A diagnostic test that profiles gut microbiota

In this project, the company will develop an easy to use, in vitro diagnostic test that profiles gut microbiota to predict disease progression and treatment regimes in patients with ulcerative colitis, describes the company in a press release . The development and validation of the test will be done in close collaboration with R&D partners at Akershus University Hospital (Prof Stefan Brackman), Norway and Sahlgrenska University (Prof Lena Öhman) Hospital/University of Gothenburg, Sweden.

Photo of Ronny Hermansen: Genetic Analysis