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Gyros in agreement with Euro Diagnostica


Gyros Protein Technologies has signed a distribution agreement with Euro Diagnostica, which will give Gyros’ customers in Europe and North America direct access to the iLite assay ready cell lines.

The iLite from Euro Diagnostica help customers overcome limitations of conventional cell-based assays and improve productivity. It is based upon a reporter gene assay format, modified and adapted for applications through the whole drug development cycle as well as for monitoring of biological drugs. The applications addressed by iLite reporter gene assays are complementary to those addressed by Gyros Protein Technologies’ Gyrolab immunoassays systems, such as pharmacokinetics studies, detection of ADA (anti-drug antibodies) and bioprocess applications. The iLitedual reporter gene format allows for normalization of the response, eliminating unwanted matrix effects and compensating for differences in cell numbers, to achieve accurate and biologically relevant results.

“The iLite technology is an ideal addition to our offering, and is a natural complement to Gyrolab systems. This agreement with Euro Diagnostica further strengthens the position of Gyros Protein Technologies as a key analytical tools provider focused on developing and supplying drug immunogenicity and biologics solutions that increase productivity for customers in the biopharma and biotech industry,” said Dan Calvo, CEO and President at Gyros Protein Technologies.