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Happy Easter from Nordic Life Science

We would like to thank our readers, subscribers and collaboration partners for a fruitful first quarter 2022, and we wish you all a relaxing – and safe – Easter!

Nordic Life Science will be back April 19th to provide you with the latest news from our exciting life science industry! Until then, here are some weekend reading, Editor’s picks:



Real-World Evidence – The time is now

Nordic Life Science asked the newly formed company NordicRWE about the potential of Real-World Evidence in drug development and how we can better enable Nordic health data to be transformative and a frontrunner in this field.

Read the article about RWE here!




Celebrating Women in Life Science Business

Evelina Vågesjö and Malin Parkler

On International Women’s Day we highlighted some of the many inspiring women in life science that we have had the opportunity to meet and interview. Within life science business Nordic Life Science has interviewed both young aspiring female entrepreneurs as well as well-established business leaders.

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“Invent and invest in positive change for the future”

Gitte Pedersen

An adventurous spirit rooted in a Viking heritage and her parents’ as an example helped spur Gitte Pedersen to move from her native Denmark to the U.S. 20 years ago, where she helped create a company and made a home.

Read the interview with Gitte here!




Solving the skills shortage conundrum – paving the way forward

Finding and securing talent is critical for the growth of the life sciences sector, this is widely accepted. The ever-present questions are how to keep up with the demand and with whom the responsibility rests to solve the skills supply challenge.

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