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Head of Swetox appointed

Ake Bergman-Foto-Eva-Dalin

Professor Åke Bergman has been appointed head of the new research center Swetox.

Bergman comes from Stockholm University and is considered to be a world leading scientist within environmental chemistry and environmental toxicology. He has previously worked with United Nations assignments as coordinator for an international toxicological expert group.

“My ambition is that Sweden will establish a world-leading interdisciplinary research and development in the field of toxicological related sciences, says Åke Bergman. Chemical issues are more complex than ever. Hence the need for a powerful Swetox,” says Åke Bergman in a press release.

Swetox is a newly established national center for research and education within toxicology and adjacent sciences and is a collaboration between eleven Swedish universities. The purpose is to collaborate to strengthen Swedish toxicology on a long-term basis and lead the development toward a chemical proof society. Swetox is located at AstraZeneca’s former research facility, which today is part of Biovation Park Södertälje.

Photo Eva Dalin