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Honda tests mobility robot in Denmark

Honda has chosen the University of Southern Denmark and the University Hospital in Odense for the testing of a new robot that can help patients regain the ability to walk.

This is the first time the robot is tested outside of Japan. Honda recently signed the cooperation agreement with University of Southern Denmark and Odense University Hospital who will be responsible for the testing of the mobility robot, reports Invest in Denmark. Honda has been working on the robot, called Walking Assist Device, for 10 years. The company now wants to have it tested among different groups before putting it on the market.

The mobility robot is tightened around the hip of the walking-impaired person. It starts by analyzing the user’s walking pattern and then adapts to this pattern by either pushing or pulling the legs when the user moves. The ambition is to improve the recovery of patients after e.g. a hip surgery or a fractured leg, where the patient still lacks muscle strength to be able to walk independently. The University Hospital is to test how effective the mobility robot is and whether it can be used for rehabilitation.