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Hospital in Finland invests in Sectra’s digital pathology

sectra didigtal pathology

Kuopio University Hospital will be Finland’s first fully digital pathology department following its investment in Sectra’s (Link) IT solution for storage, review and sharing of digital pathology images.

The Diagnostic Imaging Center at Kuopio University Hospital is thereby extending its existing solution for handling radiology images (PACS) to also include pathology images.

”With this enterprise imaging solution, we will increase efficiency in pathology as well as improve overall patient care. The investment is a crucial step in our strategy to improve workflow and diagnostics for better patient care,” says Vesa Kärjä, Adjunct Professor and Chief of Clinical Pathology at Kuopio University Hospital.
With the solution, pathologists will gain access to new tools that support their diagnostic work. Moreover, the centrally stored images are available for review from any location, even remotely, or for discussion among experts, which may be crucial in complex cancer cases. The solution will be tightly integrated with the hospital’s LIMS (Laboratory Information Management System) providing full access to lab data, requests, patient information and digital pathology images. This will allow pathologists to work completely digitally when performing primary diagnostics, thereby increasing reading efficiency.
Sectra’s digital pathology solution builds on the same infrastructure as Sectra’s solution for handling radiology images that is already used at the Kuopio University Hospital. With a shared technical infrastructure, images from both of the diagnostic specialties can be stored and displayed in a single system. This not only facilitates cooperation between the hospital’s radiologists and pathologists, it also significantly increases efficiency in the multidisciplinary meetings held at the hospital. In addition, the hospital’s maintenance and operating costs are reduced.

The pathology department at Kuopio University Hospital employs eight pathologists and handles approximately 100,000 glass slides and about 27,000 histological and cytological examinations per year. It operates as a subdivision of the hospital’s Diagnostic Imaging Center, which includes e.g. radiology and nuclear medicine.

The solution was sold by Commit; Oy, Sectra’s distribution partner for Finland.