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Idogen’s technology granted European patent


Idogen announces that the European Patent Office will formally grant a patent application, covering the company’s tolerogenic vaccine technology.

The EPO approval strengthens the company’s patent portfolio for the vaccine technology. A patent in the same patent family has already been granted in Japan and a Notice of Allowance has been received from the USA.

The European Patent Office issued in January 2017 a “Notice of intention to grant” and will now formally grant Idogen’s Patent Application relating to induction of IDO for treatment of autoimmune diseases and rejection of transplanted organs. The patent belongs to Idogen’s second patent family and covers Idogen’s technology until 2031 in Europe. The granted patent will be validated in a number of strategically interesting countries in Europe. Idogen already has an issued patent in this patent family for Japan and has received a “Notice of Allowance” in the USA. A related patent application is pending in Canada.

Idogen’s first patent family covers additional aspects of using zebularine for the treatment of autoimmune diseases and rejection of transplanted organs, which together with the second patent family creates broader protection for the company’s product to potential competitors. The first patent family is previously granted in Europe and is pending in the USA.

”The granted patent in Europe is a significant endorsement. Idogen develops tolerogenic vaccines with high medical and commercial potential, and we have now secured patent protection for these methodologies in two major markets – Europe and Japan. We also have a Notice of Allowance issued in the USA,” said CEO Lars Hedbys.