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Ilya Pharma appoints corporate development specialists


Ilya Pharma has announced the appointments of Dr Melya Hughes Crameri and William (Bill) Carson to the Board of Directors.

The appointments come as the company approaches key stages in the development of its portfolio of three immunotherapies for skin and mucosal diseases, it states.

“I am delighted to welcome Melya and Bill to the Board and look forward to working with them in developing the company and our exciting portfolio of products. We now definitely have a diverse Board of Directors with knowledge, networks and relevant experience for exactly what the company should deliver in the coming three years. The diversity is also reflected in the gender, age and geographic coverage,” says Ilya Pharma CEO and Co-Founder Evelina Vågesjö.


Melya Hughes Crameri

Melya Hughes Crameri, PhD is a seasoned life sciences entrepreneur with over 25 years’ experience in the biotech and pharmaceutical industry, in Europe as well as in the US. Early in her career she worked in patent law (US Patent Bar and European Patent Attorney), and over recent years she has engaged in business development, diligence, fundraising, partnering and strategy development for a variety of life science and pharmaceutical companies. She was responsible for all licensing and patents at Novartis Research Foundation (FMI) globally for 5 years, and as an early executive team member of Evolva SA, raising> Euros 60M in financing, built up Evolva’s US operations in Palo Alto, California, as founder and CEO.

Bill Carson

Bill Carson has held senior leadership roles at Novartis, Bayer and Galderma in Manufacturing, Product Development and Regulatory Affairs. He has extensive experience of M&A in its various forms as well as integration of projects and operations after the M&A transactions. Backed by knowledge of evaluating portfolios with clinical programs, valuation of clinical programs, commercialization, and market introduction of pharmaceuticals. Bill has also led acquisition processes and built up multiple contract manufacturing organizations for pharmaceuticals and medical devices.

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