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Immunotherapy from CLS used at European hospital

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CLS has in cooperation with a cancer clinic in Europe carried out a treatment of a patient with pancreas cancer.

Interstitial Laser Thermo Therapy (imILTCLS) is a polyclinical hyperthermic (heat-induced) cancer immunotherapy for gentle and effective treatment of most types of solid cancer tumors.

The hospital, which is not involved in the CLS clinical study program previously announced, intends to perform its own study of imILTCLS on patients with pancreas cancer, and this first treatment was part of the preparations for the upcoming study. By this treatment valuable information related to the product as well as to the treatment has been generated.

“We are very pleased with this initial treatment. The hospital where the treatment was performed is one of several we are working with in addition to the hospitals in our study program. Our goal this year is to have five hospitals that can work as reference hospitals and I have assessed this hospital as a potential member of that group,” says CEO Lars-Erik Eriksson.

The treatment, which targeted a metastasis in the liver, was performed percutaneously, where the treatment instruments go through the skin and are placed in the correct position for treatment, assisted by CT scanning (Computed Tomography).

Source: CLS