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Immunovia awarded 2016 Stars of Innovation Prize


The Swedish diagnostics company Immunovia has won the Stars of Innovation category in the European Small- and Mid-Cap Awards 2016.

The nomination is recognition of the company’s stellar performance since listing in Stockholm in December last year. During this period, Immunovia has made major progress in developing the first applications for its IMMray™ blood-based diagnostics platform. Multi-national trials have been initiated in leading clinical centers in both Europe and US deploying IMMray PanCan-d for the long sought early detection test for pancreatic cancer and commercialization plans accelerated.

The European Small and Mid-Cap Awards aim to promote best practices and encourage more small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) to access capital markets via IPOs. This is a joint initiative of the European Commission, leading European securities exchanges and European Issuers. SMEs created the foundation for the European economy today and in the future. More than 98% of EU firms are SMEs, and they account for two thirds of all employment as well as nearly 60% of gross value added in the EU economy.

“We are of course very delighted to have won this prestigious award which is a recognition for the hard work of our team and places us in the jury’s mind as one of three most innovative small to mid-companies in Europe”, says Immunovia CEO Mats Grahn. “We are now building on the financial platform provided by the IPO to bring IMMray PanCan-d, the test for early detection to market and to achieve reimbursement firstly in the US and priority markets in the EU. We will then expand wider in EU and to selected Asian markets. We have also recently started to accelerate our autoimmune disease area program and are investigating other cancer areas such as prostate cancer.”