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Immunovia enters licensing agreement with JW BioScience

Patrik Dahlen

Immunovia has strengthened its patent protection for pancreatic cancer biomarkers by obtaining a global license from the South Korean company JW BioScience’s IP portfolio.

The license agreement gives Immunovia global commercial rights for two biomarkers for early detection of pancreatic cancer. The biomarkers are also part of Immunovia, Inc.’s IMMray PanCan-d biomarker signature. Immunovia discovered these pancreatic cancer biomarkers independently of JW BioScience and have now fully secured intellectual property rights.

The details and deal size of this contract are not disclosed as agreed by both parties.

“We are delighted to enter into this agreement that further secures relevant IP and validates our biomarker discovery approach. By entering into this agreement, Immunovia and JW BioScience will also evaluate possibilities for commercial collaboration to enable early detection of pancreatic cancer in the Korean market,” says Patrik Dahlen, CEO of Immunovia.

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Photo of Patrik Dahlen: Immunovia