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Inficure Bio enters new US agreement

Sofia Mayans and Dan Holmberg

Inficure Bio has signed an agreement with a publicly listed US biopharmaceutical company that develops drugs for several chronic and life-threatening diseases.

“We will now begin testing the effects of their drug substances in our model. The company is world-leading in drug development, so this recognition is significant for us,” says Inficure Bio’s CEO, Sofia Mayans.

Inficure Bio has developed a way for pharmaceutical companies that want to test the efficiency of new drugs that treat fibrosis. Fibrosis, or scar tissue, is the body’s natural way of repairing damaged and inflamed tissue. If, however, this process continues unchecked, large amounts of fibrosis can accumulate in the tissue and the organ’s function becomes compromised. Fibrosis can occur as a consequence of, for example, fatty liver or other low-intensity inflammatory conditions that are linked to obesity and type 2 diabetes.

NIF model

The company has recently signed an agreement with the publicly listed company to test their drug candidates in Inficure Bio’s preclinical model, named the NIF model.

“The fact that they want to use our NIF model is recognition of its value. The company has extensive expertise in fibrosis and clinical development of innovative drugs for the treatment of fibrotic disease and cancer. So this agreement is very important to us – both financially and in terms of marketing,” says Mayans. “In addition we’re continuing our work to find more customers in the US, Europe and Australia. We also plan to introduce our NIF model to the Korean market.”

Photo of Sofia Mayans, CEO and co-founder Inficure Bio, and Dan Holmberg, co-founder Inficure Bio. Photographer: Malin Grönborg