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iZafe to acquire Pilloxa

iZafe Group has signed a letter of intent with Pilloxa regarding the acquisition of 100 per cent of the shares in Pilloxa.

Pilloxa has developed a technology platform for better compliance that pharmaceutical companies use to design digital patient support. The acquisition creates a new company in digital health that is well positioned to become a leading player in better and safer drug use, the company states.

“With Pilloxa’s digital offering and long-term collaboration with the pharmaceutical industry, together with iZafe, we can offer a comprehensive solution for our customers; patients, healthcare professionals and the pharmaceutical industry. Pilloxa’s promise to our customers today is a complete digital solution for patient support within one month of the initiation meeting. We are therefore used to rapid integrations and will immediately begin work on offering a joint digital solution,” says Helena Rönnqvist, CEO at Pilloxa.

Photo of Helena Rönnqvist, CEO, Pilloxa and the Pillbox and cell phone: Pilloxa