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Karin Dahlman-Wright found guilty of misconduct in research

Karolinska Institutet’s Pro-Vice-Chancellor has been found guilty of misconduct in research by the Oredlighetsrådet at the University of Gothenburg.

Karin Dahlman-Wright was accused of misconduct last year but since Karolinska Institutet found it improper to investigate the matter themselves it was given to the University of Gothenburg. Dahlman-Wright has been found guilty in one case. An expert group for misconduct in research at the Överklagandenämnden för etikprövning found that there were reasons to criticize mistakes and defects in several scientific articles, but they could not clarify that the inadequacies constitute misconduct in research.

The final decision will be made by Karolinska Institutet’s Vice-Chancellor Ole Petter Ottersen.

Photo of Karolinska Institutet Campus Solna: Amina Manzoor