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Karolinska Dev. CEO Out


Karolinska Development AB’s CEO Bruno Lucidi is leaving the company, according to a company announcement. He is being replaced by Development Deputy CEO Terje Kalland until a permanent CEO is named. The search for a permanent replacement already has begun.

“The Board of Directors recognizes that the Board and Bruno Lucidi are of different opinions regarding the implementation of the company’s strategy, which is the reason for Mr. Lucidi leaving the company,” says Karolinska Development’s Chairman Bo Jesper Hansen.

“Terje Kalland has profound knowledge of the company through his role during several years as CSO and Deputy CEO. He will continue to implement the new, more focused and stringent investment strategy that we announced during autumn of 2014. We have recently finalized the financing that has brought the company proceeds of approximately SEK 450 million. This enables us to keep developing our strategic portfolio companies and their projects, in parallel with the recruitment of a permanent CEO,” says Hansen.

Lucidi also is leaving his positions as CEO for KDev Oncology AB and Karolinska Development’s portfolio companies Aprea AB and Akinion Pharmaceuticals AB.

Source: Karolinska Development AB