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Kjetil Taskén awarded King Olav V’s Cancer Research Award

Taskén, who is director of the Biotechnology Centre and the Norwegian Centre for Molecular Medicine (NCMM), receives the award for his work with immunotherapy. He has contributed greatly to the understanding of immuno-oncology. Research that will be even more relevant in the development of next generation immunotherapy.

King Olav V’s Cancer Research Award 2016 is presented by HM King Harald V on behalf of the Norwegian Cancer Society in Oslo on 6 June.

“Sometimes our immune system turn of the ability to recognize and kill cancer cells in tumors that grow. We try to find out why – and how we can get the mechanisms started again,” says Kjetil Taskén.


“I was very happy to know that I received the prize. King Olav V’s Cancer Research Award hangs very high and I am honored to receive the award. The money will come very handy in the research my group is doing. We greatly appreciate the support from the Norwegian Cancer Society. The support has been of  invaluable importance in the development of all the work my research group does,” says Kjetil Taskén.

King Olav V’s Cancer Research Award is given to scientists who have distinguished themselves through years of efforts to ensure a better life for many people. The prize is one million NOK.

“The price is a scientific recognition for excellence and are valued very highly among our cancer researchers,” says Secretary General Anne Lise Ryel.

“We are awarding this prize annually to honor researchers. It is a distinction that means they have made an extraordinary effort both in Norway and internationally,” says Ryel. “We are especially pleased to give the prize to a researcher who works with immunotherapy, which many believe is the future of cancer treatment. Immunotherapy can contribute to a treatment that is tougher against cancer, but kinder to the patient.”

Professor Kjetil Taskén. Photo:

Source: Oslo Cancer Cluster