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LIDDS speeds up enrollment in phase IIb study

LIDDS adds two major university clinics in Lithuania to its ongoing Phase IIb study, the National Cancer Institute in Vilnius and the University Clinic of Kaunas.

The two clinics are now ready to start inclusion of patients in Part II of the LPC-004 study. Lithuanian authorities have recently approved the study protocol and the Liproca Depot injection kits are already on site.

“This expansion is a good way to further increase the inclusion rate and we are happy to be able to involve these respected clinics in the Phase IIb study,” says Monica Wallter, CEO LIDDS.


About the Phase IIb study

The Phase IIb study will in total include 60 patients with localized prostate cancer being diagnosed as Active Surveillance patients with an elevated risk profile. The purpose of the LPC004 study is to identify the optimal dose of Liproca Depot.

The study is also being conducted in Canada and Finland and is expected to conclude mid of 2019.

Liproca Depot

Earlier this year LIDDS signed an exclusive licensing agreement for Liproca Depot in China with Jiangxi Puheng.

Liproca Depot is LIDDS candidate drug for the local treatment of prostate cancer. Based on LIDDS NanoZolid technology, when injected into a tumor, Liproca Depot releases the active substances over a period of up to six months and the local application avoids the side effects commonly associated with prostate cancer treatments. Liproca Depot is one of a number of projects in LIDDS portfolio targeting different cancer treatments using the NanoZolid technology.

Photo of Monica Wallter: LIDDS