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LIDDS to evaluate a possible listing

The company will evaluate a possible listing of its shares on Nasdaq Stockholm’s Main Market during 2020 and will engage advisors to explore this potential relisting.

LIDDS is in a strong growth and expansion phase with several key projects in clinical and pre-clinical phases, including the Phase IIb Liproca Depot study, the Phase I NanoZolid-docetaxel study and preclinical programs in immuno-oncology, it states in its press release.

“We see a listing on Nasdaq Stockholm’s Main Market as a natural next step in the company’s development. A move to Nasdaq Stockholm’s main market can contribute to increased interest from a broader investor base while at the same time increasing visibility for partners, both in Sweden and globally,” says Monica Wallter, CEO of LIDDS.

“It is clear that our shareholder base has developed significantly in recent years, both in terms of number of shareholders that we have as well as now having larger and longer-term institutional and private investors,” says Jan Törnell, Chairman of the Board of LIDDS. “It is logical now to evaluate a listing on the main market while continuing this development.”