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The future of Swedish life science is discussed in Almedalen

Seminarium Almedalen

Next week, on July 1st to July 8th, the Almedalen Week celebrates it’s 50th anniversary and life science will of course be on the agenda.

Almedalen Week is an unusual combination of political summit and openness. The parliamentary political parties are at the heart of Almedalen Week. Their participation, with seminars, press conferences and speeches from Almedalen, forms the basis of the event. For many, the week is a fantastic opportunity to meet others within their own organisation as well as other organisations and also to meet the general public in an uncomplicated and pleasant environment.

Sweden as a life science nation

SwedenBIO, the national non-profit association for the life science industry in Sweden, is of course present in Almedalen next week.

On Monday July 2nd SwedenBIO will for example co-arrange a seminar on the topic: “How do we strengthen Sweden as a life science nation?” They describe it like this:

“How can we become even better. For years, decision makers has named life sciences as a prosperous industry of the future. We want more research, more clinical trials, more manufacturing and more collaborations between universities, companies and the healthcare sector. The previous government initiated Kliniska Studier Sverige and an extensive research and innovation proposition. The current government appointed a life science coordinator in 2015 and decided earlier this year to establish a permanent life science office. A growing number of countries in Europe are aiming to strengthen their positions within life science and they have established national strategies. In order to succeed we need to, in the competition for new invetsments, offer even more competitive terms. What is Sweden’s trump cards? What areas and reforms will be central during the coming years?”

Participating in the seminar are Jenni Nordborg, the head of the national life science office, Lars Hjälmered, from the Moderate Party, and Jennie Nilsson, from the Swedish Social Democratic Party.

The seminar is arranged by LIF, SwedenBIO and Swedish Medtech. It will take place at st Hans Café, Visby, 10:30-11:30, Monday July 2nd.

Photo of Lars Hjälmered, Jenni Nordborg and Jennie Nilsson