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Measures presented to strengthen Swedish life science

The three trade organizations LIF, Swedish Medtech and SwedenBIO have presented a common action plan for life science. The plan consists of 25 steps to strengthen Sweden’s competitiveness.

For six months the trade organizations have worked to bring out the action plan which was presented on October 21. The organizations state that the Swedish government should to fulfil its promises of making life science a priority.
“We have produced this action plan together with LIF and Swedish Medtech as it is important and possible to go further to action now rather than conducting more investigations,” says Ingrid Heath, Director of Policy at SwedenBIO.

The action plan contains 25 steps that would, according to the trade organizations, provide Sweden with increased competitiveness through improved structures and better use of existing resources. The measures are divided into seven areas:
Strengthening early research and development
Creating growth in companies
Facilitating the participation of healthcare in developing new innovative treatment alternatives
Providing capacity for healthcare to use new innovative treatment alternatives
Keeping and attracting establishments to Sweden
Securing the access of competence
Coordinating and promoting Swedish life science