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Medivir discontinues collaboration with Daewoong

The company has announced that it has discontinued the development of its hepatitis B compound MIV-210 based on a joint decision with Daewoong Pharmaceutical.

In the collaboration agreement Daewoong has been responsible for the research and development. MIV-210 has a demonstrably competitive antiviral activity but, like other drugs of this class, does not completely eradicate HBV. The commercial environment for HBV drugs, with the current standard of care approaching generic status, requires a robust profile. To achieve this cure profile would require combination with other drugs with different and new mechanisms.

“In light of the characteristics MIV-210 could offer for the treatment of Hepatitis B, we have together with our partner Daewoong decided to abandon the development activities with MIV-210”, said Maris Hartmanis, CEO of Medivir in the press release.