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Medivir licenses preclinical program to Ubiquigent

Fredrik Öberg

Ubiquigent has entered into a license agreement with Medivir for Medivir’s preclinical USP7 research program.

Under the terms of the agreement, Medivir has granted Ubiquigent an exclusive worldwide license to develop and commercialize the program including all associated compounds across any therapeutic indication(s) in return for agreed revenue share upon successful development or commercialization by Ubiquigent.

“We are very pleased that Medivir’s research program aimed at the development of USP7 inhibitors has been licensed to Ubiquigent. With an excellent track-record and strong research capabilities within the DUB field, we believe that Ubiquigent is perfectly positioned to further progress the USP7 program. We look forward to Ubiquigent´s successful development of the USP7 assets,” says Fredrik Öberg, CSO at Medivir.

Linked to cancer

Ubiquitin specific peptidase 7 (USP7) is a deubiquitylating (DUB) enzyme that has been linked to cancer due to its ability to deubiquitylate substrates that regulate key oncogenic, DNA-damage response and tumor initiating pathways. Inhibitors of USP7 therefore represent an exciting opportunity to be effective treatments in targeted patient populations in oncology either as a monotherapy or in combination therapies.

Ubiquigent has established itself as a respected partner in the DUB field with a strong track record in the development of small molecule DUB inhibitors both through supporting the drug discovery efforts of its partners and by the strengthening of its own portfolio of novel DUB inhibitors. This latest agreement builds upon an existing long-term relationship between the parties and directly supports Ubiquigent’s strategy to build and commercialize a strong IP portfolio of novel DUB inhibitors.

Photo of Fredrik Öberg: Medivir