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Medivir presents positive data

Uli Hacksell

Medivir has presented new data from the completed phase Ia study with MIV-818.

The primary objective of the phase Ia study was to evaluate safety and tolerability of MIV-818 in liver cancer patients. A total of nine patients with advanced disease were included: six patients with metastatic liver cancer, two with hepatocellular carcinoma and one with intrahepatic cholangiocarcinoma. The pharmacokinetic analysis showed that patients were exposed only to low levels of MIV-818 and troxacitabine outside of the liver, providing experimental support for MIV-818’s liver targeting. The adverse events were mainly mild and the more serious side effects observed were reversible.

A new and effective treatment for liver cancer

Biomarker analysis of liver biopsies from patients showed a selective liver cancer effect of MIV-818: while tumor tissue had clear DNA damage, healthy liver tissue showed only minimal or no DNA damage. Based on an independent expert analysis of liver tumor growth, five of the nine patients were assessed to have stable liver disease after treatment.


“The analysis of data from the nine patients confirms our conclusion from the first six patients and provides strong support for the continued development of MIV-818 as a new and effective treatment for liver cancer. MIV-818 is our most important project and therefore it feels very good that our confidence in the possibilities of the compound is further strengthened by the new data presented today,” says Medivir’s CEO, Uli Hacksell.

Photo of Uli Hacksell: Medivir