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Medivir’s partner terminates clinical study

medivir lab

Medivir AB announces that the development of AL-704 (also known as JNJ-54257099) has been terminated following completion of phase I clinical studies conducted by Alios Biopharma Inc., one of the Janssen Pharmaceutical Companies.

These studies demonstrated that AL-704 was safe, well tolerated and had acceptable pharmacokinetic properties. However its clinical antiviral activity in persons infected with HCV genotype 1 was insufficient to justify further clinical studies. No further compounds arising from Medivir’s license agreement with Janssen on HCV NS5B polymerase inhibitors are expected to be progressed into clinical studies, and therefore no further revenues from this agreement will be received.

Termination of this project does not affect the MIV-802 project, which is wholly owned by Medivir, nor any of the products or compounds in other partnerships with Janssen.


Source: Medivir