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Meet our Nordic life science stars 2021!

As an example of the versatility of the Nordic life science industry we have chosen to highlight five Nordic stars in our latest issue of the magazine.

The five companies are at different stages of development, with different focus areas, from different Nordic countries, and they represent the different strongholds that the region possesses.

One of them, originating from research at the University of Lund, is ready to sell its first diagnostics test on the US market, and another, founded by two Icelandic medical doctors, aims to reduce healthcare strain and nudge people towards lasting lifestyle changes with its digital therapeutics innovations.

A third company, springing from research at the University of Aarhus, develops a therapy for the complex and hard-to-treat autoimmune disease severe lupus, and a forth, originating from research at the University of Oulu, focuses on speeding up drug development and reducing the need for animal studies.

The fifth company, originating from research at the University of Oslo, adds a glimpse of hope in reducing use of antibiotics, one of the most severe global health challenges we are facing today.



Sweden – Immunovia

Originating from research at Lund University, diagnostic company Immunovia is now extremely close to market launch and the first order for its early pancreatic cancer detection test.

“Our strategy going forward will be to raise capital on the international markets, which we think we will succeed with thanks to the trust we have from our current investors and with gaining inroads, particularly in the US market,” says Patrik Dahlen, CEO, Immunovia.

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Iceland – Sidekick Health

Icelandic Sidekick aims to reduce healthcare strain and nudge people towards lasting lifestyle and behavior changes with its digital therapeutics innovations.

“The pandemic has moved the digital health sector forward by a few years. We could clearly see an increased interest during our Series A fundraising efforts, and now we are witnessing a sharp rise in interesting conversations from possible partners and collaborators,” says Gulli Arnason, CMCO, Sidekick Health.

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Denmark – ISD Immunotech

ISD Immunotech expects to finalize characterization of its STING antagonist lead candidate this year, aiming to develop the first personalized treatment for severe lupus patients.

“We are on track to enter the clinic in 2023 with the only dual STING-antagonist. We are also considering to develop ISD017 for indications outside lupus, as the STING pathway hyperactivation is relevant in several underserved autoimmune patient populations,” says Tara Heitner, CEO, ISD Immunotech.

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Prateek Singh and cells in vitro

Finland – Finnadvance

Finnadvance’s platform can speed up drug and vaccine development, and reduce the need for animal studies.

“We envision that the end product will be a machine where you put the drug in and it tells you if it is going to work or not. This way, the need for animal studies can be greatly reduced, and the drugs can be tested directly in a humanized model that allows even personalized drug development,” says Prateek Singh, CEO and founder, Finnadvance.

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MRSA NIAID and Pål Rongved AdjuTec

Norway – AdjuTec Pharma

Start-up company AdjuTec’s novel antibiotic resistance breakers may help to facilitate reduced use of antibiotics.

“The COVID-19 pandemic has been a mind-opener to society’s vulnerability for infectious diseases in general. This includes the importance of having a well-equipped tool-box with antibiotics and adjuvants to keep antimicrobial resistance (AMR) at bay,” says Pål Rongved, professor at the Department of Pharmacy at the University of Oslo (UiO) and CEO/CSO of AdjuTec Pharma.

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