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MercachemSyncom acquires Admescope


The European drug-discovery contract research organization MercachemSyncom has acquired Admescope, based in Oulu, Finland and Södertälje, Sweden.

The acquisition will give MercachemSyncom expanded capabilities for tailor-made in vitro and in vivo ADME-Tox studies for pre-clinical and early clinical R&D projects and integration with the existing medicinal, synthetic and development chemistry capabilities of MercachemSyncom. Admescope brings expertise in drug metabolism, drug interactions, pharmacokinetics and quantitative bioanalysis.

Financial terms were not disclosed.


Founded in Oulu

Admescope was founded in Oulu, Finland in 2011, has seen significant growth in subsequent years and currently employs 40 highly scientists. The scientific and management teams have consolidated experience in tailored ADME-Tox studies for pharma and biotech clients all over the world. Studies are carried out at research laboratories in both Oulu and Södertälje, Sweden with emphasis on a deep understanding of customers’ needs, in-house processes and how to design the most effective studies to satisfy them.

“MercachemSyncom’s global presence greatly increases our exposure to new companies that we can help with our ADME-Tox services. While Admescope’s focus will remain in providing our existing and new customers with the top-quality services and customer experience that they are used to, together with MercachemSyncom we can offer a wider spectrum of services to cover the needs of our customers, as well as further expand our service offering. The whole Admescope team is excited to get to work with our new international colleagues, and we are confident that our customers will benefit from this collaboration and its impact to the services that they have grown fond of over the years of working with us,” says Ari Tolonen, CEO of Admescope.

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