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Mercodia donates robot to increase COVID-19 testing

Mercodia Photo Jeanette Hägglund

Uppsala-based biotech company Mercodia donates a robot to KTH and SciLifeLab in an effort to speed up the COVID-19 testing.

The analysis robot is a Tecan Freedom EVOlyzer with the capability to automate sample analysis and thus increase the capacity for testing. It was donated with the help of the local STUNS Life Science network and now has its new home in the Science for Life Laboratory in Solna.

A great contribution to the sample handling in Sweden

Fredrik Edfors, a scientist primarily responsible for antibody testing at the institute, says they now have the ability to scale up testing more rapidly than expected.


“I really think that this donation will make a great contribution to the sample handling in Sweden and help get a better picture of how this virus is spreading in our country,” says Mattias Gäreskog, Marketing and Sales Manager at Mercodia. “We are really happy that we could find use of the robot so quickly, and would like to extend our warmest thanks to Björn Arvidsson at STUNS Life Science. We are grateful for the chance to contribute in the fight against the new corona virus.”

Mercodia is developing and producing lab tests for heart and cardiovascular diseases.

Photo of the R&D team at Mercodia. Photographer: Jeanette Hägglund