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Miia Kivipelto receives research prize

miia kivipelto

Professor Miia Kivipelto, at the Karolinska Institute, department of neurobiology, nursing science and society has been awarded the Swedish Alzheimer fund’s large research prize, of approximately SEK 2.5 million. Kivipelto receives the prize for her groundbreaking work about risk factors and contraceptive actions against dementia.

“I am very happy to recieve this prize. The prize means that we may go from research to implementation faster. Hopefully we may already this year state concrete advice and guidelines on how one could prevent the risk of being affected by memory disturbances through specific diets and an increased physical activity,” says Miia Kivipelto.

Kivipelto hs received great attention for her research results. In March last year the medical journal Lancet published her FINGER study (Finnish Geriatric Intervention Study to Prevent Cognitive Impairment and Disability) as one of the world’s first large study of multifactor life style interventions.

Photo: Erik Cronberg