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BioDeutschland CEO & CFO Meeting in Dresden

This year’s BioDeutschland’s annual CEO&CFO Meeting took place in the beautiful city of Dresden from December 7th till 8th.

75 attendees followed BioDeutschland’s invitation to join the diversified program, which is always a great composition of company presentation, keynote speeches, topic-specific workshops and networking opportunities.

A very stimulating keynote presentation was given by Dr. Sierk Poetting, CFO from BioNTech; “Dare doing – Pioneer spirit and industry firsts to establish a biotech start-up”. He described BioNTech’s unique approach to induce a T-cell response against 10-20 tumor-specific antigens, that are identified by sequencing the tumor cell genome. He also gave insight in the clinical development program.

Roland Sackers, CFO from QIAGEN, presented his company’s approach to digitization and Stefan Rampf discussed Rentschler’s concept of dealing with specific mindsets of generation Y and Z in terms of their attitude to work and life in general.

One key element of the program are the company presentations. More than 25 pitches, including one by MLM’s CEO Stephan Wnendt, were given. The presenters have only 4 minutes and 2 overhead slides to present their company.

Dresden with all its historic buildings and elegant Christmas decorations was a great contrast to all the top notch Biotech developments that were presented.
A big thank you to the BioDeutschland team for an excellent organization and perfect meeting!

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