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Clean room production

Our west plant in Lagan is a modern factory equipped with the absolute latesttechnology to meet the strict requirements set for production facilities, processes and hygiene by the pharmaceuticals industry. At Modulpac in Lagan, we mass produceboth standard packaging and specially designed solutions.

At our west plant we carry out clean room production in accordance with ISO class 8 and, thanks to the new facility, we can offer customers the highest European standards and with great logistical benefits. Modulpac has been manufacturing clean room products for the pharmaceuticals industry since 2001 and top class resources are added at the new plant.

Modulpac is one of the Nordic region’s leading manufacturers of pharmaceutical packaging made of injection-moulded plastic. Modulpac has been located in Lagan’s eastern industrial area since 1984 and in the autumn of 2012 another highly-efficient, state-of-the-art production facility was opened in the western industrial area. The new plant is one of Europe’s most modern facilities for the manufactureof pharmaceutical packaging in clean rooms. In the east plant, Modulpac manufactures packaging solutions for the chemical-technical industry, cosmetics and food. Production at Modulpac also encompasses specialized and customer-specific production of packaging and lids for various purposes. The new plant is located in beautiful surroundings near Lagan next to the E4 highway, the link between the continent and Stockholm, approx. 130 km from Helsingborg. This position is very strategic and makes logistics and transport easier.

Construction and design

Modulpac has a highly-competent R&D department which creates the conditions required for customizing and developing new solutions according to customer preferences. Modulpac manufactures its own tools, making development work easier and more efficient.

We understand Packaging

Modulpac offers customers in several industries safe and smart packaging made of injection-moulded plastic, with high quality, reliable deliveries and very strict hygiene safety requirements. We are today one of Europe´s leading manufactures and We are big enough to manage large series runs and small enough to be flexible.




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    Västergatan 16, 341 50 Lagan, Sweden

    Easten production site
    Industrigatan 11, 341 50 Lagan,Sweden

    Mats Nilsson
    Business Manager Medical
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